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What is gazumping? Is it legal?

If you’re looking to buy a new home – and particularly if you are a first-time buyer – you may be wondering what ‘gazumping’ is and if it’s even legal. Our guide will help you find out.

Buying a house

Shared ownership in London

For first time buyers looking to purchase property in London, there are a number of government-supported schemes aimed at making it easier for people to get on the property ladder.


Explained: Solicitors' fees for buying a house

Improve your understanding of conveyancing and solicitor fees to avoid any last-minute financial hitches with your house move.

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Subsidence in London

Find out about subsidence in London: what it is, who can help you and how your London home may be affected.

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Buying a house

Questions to ask estate agents when buying

Buying a house is usually the biggest purchase any person will make. Therefore it is imperative to get it right. Estate agents are legally bound to tell the truth so it is important that you are asking the right questions. To ensure you have all the information to hand, here are some brilliant questions to ask your estate agent before you buy your dream home.

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Tips on how to make your house more attractive to buyers

To sell quickly, and maximize the selling price of your home, it’s best to put in a little work before you start showing it

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