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Snakes and Property Ladders

Don't Slllllip up

Buying a house with friends

For many people, getting a foot on that first rung of the property ladder is now more difficult than ever. A combination of high house prices, larger deposit requirements and other economic factors mean that many would-be homebuyers view property ownership as a distant reality.

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10 essential steps when buying a home

You’ve been searching, viewing and considering properties for months and the day has finally come. Now the offer you have made on a house has been accepted, what next?

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Timeline for buying a house

For homebuyers – and first time buyers in particular – the process of purchasing a new home can seem like a long, drawn-out affair. It’s not unusual for it to take around six months from starting to look at properties to actually moving in, and if there are delays at any stage of the process then it can take even longer.

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How to buy a house – 10 important tips

There will always be things you wish you had done or asked during the property transaction. Before you sign on the dotted line, check out our 10 tips for buying a home.

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What is the Help to Buy scheme?

First time buyers are finding it increasingly difficult to attain a deposit without having to go to parents for support. We outline each of the affordable home ownership schemes currently available to homebuyers.

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First Time Buyers' guide to buying at auction

Property auctions could offer value for money to first-time buyers

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Planning your removals for your first home move

Get ahead of the game with these top tips for planning your home removals before your moving day

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Why do I need a home survey?

As a first time buyer, your first home purchase is probably the most significant and most important financial transaction you will have made to date.

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