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How to complain about an estate agent.

Prevention is better than cure. Choosing an estate agent is not a decision which should be taken lightly. Selling your home can be a very stressful experience and ideally your estate agent should work to lighten the load. So before we discuss complaint procedures, let’s think about how to choose the right agency in the first place.

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Furniture removals & movers London

If there’s one thing that can temper the excitement of moving to a new home in London, it’s the prospect of actually transporting your possessions and getting them all there intact across the busy and often narrow roads of London is a challenge. People love horror stories and the Internet is awash with them – many of them about removal companies – so how do you ensure you don’t end up being one of them?

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Piano removals & movers London

The moving of a large, awkwardly shaped object that can weigh anything up to half a ton – and that also happens to be a delicate musical instrument – can present unique challenges. For many people, their piano is also a highly cherished item that, understandably, they won’t want to take any unnecessary risks with.

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London conveyancing searches

Engaging a conveyancer is an essential part of the home-buying process. Your conveyancer is the one who will deal with the exchange of legally binding contracts and the transfer of the property title to your name.

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Buying a flat in London guide

Finding and buying a flat in London can be a challenge. Properties can and do vary massively between different parts of the city, and even within the same borough you’ll often find a surprising degree of variation between properties that may only be separated by a couple of streets. Throw London’s high property prices and demand-driven market into the equation, and the very prospect of finding a flat to buy can turn into a headache.

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Buying a house in London guide

We understand that navigating the London property market can be overwhelming, so here are a few practical pointers that will help you to take a step back and make more informed decisions about buying a house in London.

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How to apply for a temporary parking permit in London

If you are looking to move within London, or are moving to the capital from outside the city, it’s important to plan your move well in advance. While that’s good advice for anyone who is moving home, London’s unique parking restrictions make it particularly important to make early preparations to help avoid difficulties on moving day.

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Camden: London Area Guide

Our guide to buying and moving home in the lively London town of Camden.

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Woolwich: London Area Guide

Searching for a new home in south east London? Take a look at our London area guide to living in Woolwich.

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