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Costs and Fees

Understand the costs and fees involved in moving house across our home moving services at From house survey reports to conveyancing fees, our advice can help when buying or selling a home.

Explained: Solicitors' fees for buying a house

Improve your understanding of conveyancing and solicitor fees to avoid any last-minute financial hitches with your house move.

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How much are estate agent fees?

The cost of selling your home can be expensive. Legal fees and of course agency fees soon mount up. In order to prevent any nasty surprises upon the completion of your house sale, it is important that you are aware of the estate agency fees right from the outset.

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Conveyancing costs in Scotland have put together a range of conveyancing costs that you will need to consider if you buy or sell a property in Scotland.

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Removals costs

Working out the cost of removals can be a daunting experience. Prices are mainly calculated on the volume of items that you wish to have moved and the distance of the move. However, every house move is different, so depending on what services you require will depend on the final costs.

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Questions to ask estate agents when buying

Buying a house is usually the biggest purchase any person will make. Therefore it is imperative to get it right. Estate agents are legally bound to tell the truth so it is important that you are asking the right questions. To ensure you have all the information to hand, here are some brilliant questions to ask your estate agent before you buy your dream home.

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What are conveyancing disbursements?

'Disbursements' are the extra costs that your solicitor will need to pass on to you at the end of the buying or selling process.

Conveyancing, Costs and Fees

How much does a property lawyer pay for getting my conveyancing business?

Check out how much your property lawyer is paying for your business. Their referral fee will probably be added to your fee!

Conveyancing, Costs and Fees

No sale no fee conveyancing explained

Let help you understand the concept of a no sale-no fee agreement with your property lawyer.

Conveyancing, Costs and Fees