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Help & Advice

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A quick guide to Moving Abroad

Moving house can be a stressful time when you are moving a few streets away, so when moving abroad, it helps to be as organised as possible as far in advance as possible. This page aims to give you a few points to consider if you’re looking to move abroad and are looking for an international removals company.

You can read our international moving guide for more in-depth information on moving abroad.

Find the right international removals company

The best way to ensure a smooth move abroad is to find the best international removals company for you who won’t leave anything to chance.

It is vital you choose a removals firm associated with a recognised and trusted trade body like the British Association of Removers (BAR), especially when moving overseas. Your belongings will be transported by ship, by air or over land to another part of the world, so you want to be sure that the company you’re entrusting them to is experienced, professional, and in possession of appropriate licensing and insurance.

Make sure you’re covered for damages

Look for an international removals firm which is part of an association like the BAR. An association like this will automatically entitle international movers to certain protections.

Check what protection for your goods is offered by the removals company. Standard protection is often minimal, so it’s advisable to take out marine insurance or international removal insurance. Your international removal company may be able to arrange this.


We recommend that your international removals company packs your belongings. They are aware of any item restrictions and local customs regulations, and are experienced in packing goods safely.

If transporting by land, the packing procedure is similar to a domestic move.Your possessions will go in one or more trucks and be driven to your new home. This might take several days depending on the destination, even if you are just moving a few hours across the channel.

If you are sending your belongings by sea, they will be packed at your house into one or more containers. You will be charged by volume, so moving fewer items will save money, but if you fill a fraction of a container, you may be able fill it all for the same price.

When transporting belongings by air, the cost is determined by weight, not volume.You may want to consider only taking high priority bags by air.

Get your finances and documents in order

Finances:Check what the costs and restrictions of accessing your money abroad from your current bank are, and consider switching to a bank located in the country you’re moving to.

Immigration: You are likely to need a visa and/or work permit to work abroad. and are good places to start.

Ensure you bring important documents. Take passports, driving licenses, marriage certificates, medical records and other important documents with you. Make copies to ensure you have replacements if needed.


Vaccinations: The country you’re moving to may require you to have vaccinations and health clearances before you move. Check this and make time for this well in advance.

Different countries have different laws on what entitlements you have to healthcare. Look into and if necessary arrange local health insurance in the place you are moving for.

At reallymoving we offer you directly comparable quotes from international removals companies which could save you time and money. If you would like to get an idea of the costs of your relocation including timescales use our international moving cost calculator.

Explore the international relocation process in more detail by checking out our comprehensive moving abroad articles. If you know which country you are looking to move to, we have a selection of ‘moving to’ guides for Australia, France, Spain, USA, Canada, and for moving to London from overseas.

What should you look for in an international removal firm?

Your belongings will be transported by ship, by air or over land to another part of the world, so you want to be sure that the company you’re entrusting them to is experienced, professional, and in possession of appropriate licensing and insurance.