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If you’re moving to Australia, read our guides and prepare for your new life down under. From advice on currency and taxes to speaking the local lingo, we can help you plan for your international move.

What to know before moving to Australia

Six important aspects of life Down Under to discover before your house move to Australia. Our tips about living in Australia, from currency and taxes to the local lingo, will help you prepare for your new life abroad.


Cost of moving to Australia

There are many positive aspects to moving to Australia to work. Warm weather, a high standard of living and, for those of us from the UK, a culture that can be both reassuringly familiar and refreshingly different.


Cost of living in Australia

If you are looking to quit the UK to live in Australia – either on a temporary basis or as a permanent move – it’s important to give some consideration to the relative costs of living in the two countries.


How to get an Australian visa

Before beginning your new life in Australia, you'll need to organise a visa. Find out about the different options available for getting an Australian visa.


Moving to Australia checklist

Considerations for your house move abroad to Australia. A checklist guide to the implications of moving Down Under, and what you'll need to organise to help make your transition to your new life in Australia easier.

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Shipping furniture to Australia

When planning a move to another country, you will sooner or later have to consider whether your furniture and other belongings will be coming along and, if so, how much to take.


Shipping costs to Australia

If you are moving abroad to Australia, you'll need your belongings shipped overseas by an international removal company. Find out about the costs involved with shipping items to your new home in Australia.


Moving to Sydney

A guide to moving abroad to Sydney. Important information to help you with your international relocation to the popular Australian city of Sydney.

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Moving to Brisbane

If you've decided to move to Australia for the desirable weather, Brisbane, capital of the Sunshine State, is an attractive choice. Find out about moving abroad to Brisbane, and what to consider when moving to Australia.

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