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Removals Glossary

Not sure of the meanings of some of the terms your removal company has used? We have a comprehensive list defining all the moving home jargon to help you during your house move.

Removals Glossary


Acceptance Form: The form that the home mover will sign and return to the removal company to accept the terms of the service. This will follow a written quote which outlines the details and price of the removal service.

Access: The difficulty of accessibility to the property for the removal company to load and unload the home mover’s belongings. Factors include, distance to the property from the parking area, availability of lifts for properties above the ground floor etc.


Binding Quote: The final price for the removal service as outlined in the written quote. This is based on the information given in the inventory or viewed by the removal estimator during a pre-move survey.

Blanket Wrap: A method of protecting furniture during a domestic move by wrapping the furniture in a blanket when loading into the removals vehicle. 


Cancellation Charges: A cost to the home mover if the removal service is cancelled after confirmation during a specified time frame.

Claim: A written request for payment in accordance with the removal company’s insurance policy following loss or damage to belongings whilst in the removal company’s possession.

Collection: The packing and loading of the home mover’s belongings at their current address to be transported to the home mover’s new property.

Congestion charge: Required for a house move in London. This is paid by either the home mover or the removal company depending on the terms and conditions of the quote. For more information see, 'London Congestion Charge'.

Cost per Hour: The cost of the removal service per man by the hour. This is more commonly used to calculate the cost of smaller moves.

Crating: The packing of a home mover’s belongings into a wooden container for removal.

CUFT (Cubic Feet): An imperial unit of measurement to calculate the size of a house move.


Dedicated Load (Dedicated Truck): The assigning of a removals vehicle to one house move.

Delivery: The transportation and unloading of a home mover’s belongings from the collection address to the destination address.

Deposit: The sum of money required to book a confirmed removal date.

Dismantling: The disassembly of an item of furniture into separate parts.

Domestic Removal: A house move from and to addresses in the same country, not crossing a country’s border.


Essentials Box: A box of items fundamental to a house move, such as tea, coffee and a kettle. Ask for this to be loaded last and unpacked first, or taken with you in the car. Our Moving Day Survival Kit suggests important items for your essentials box.

Estimate: An initial, approximate quote for the removal service based on partial information.

Extra Handling Charge: Additional costs for specialist handling of specific items.

Extra Man: An increased number of removal team members to complete the house move.

Extra Pick Up (Extra Delivery): An additional pick up or delivery of items than originally quoted for.

F - G

Floor Protectors: A plastic strip placed onto a carpet or hard flooring to protect the surface from damage during removal process.

Furniture Covers: Protective quilted covers to pack furniture into before being loaded into the removals vehicle. Find out about how leather sofas are moved.

Goods in Transit Insurance: This ensures that belongings are covered by the removal company’s insurance whilst being moved by the company. This is usually only up to £40 per item; if you want more comprehensive insurance you should consult your removal company or home insurance firm.


HHG (Household Goods): The personal belongings of a home mover in a domestic move.

Hoist (Lift): Lifting apparatus used to elevate and lower items.


Indicative Quote: An initial estimate of the cost of the removal service that is subject to change following the pre-move survey.

Insurance Certificate: An official certificate the outlines the provided insurance cover.

Insurance Inventory: A list of the items that are covered by the insurance.

Inventory: A full list of the items to be transported and delivered to the destination address.


Long Carry: A notable distance between the removals vehicle parking area and the entrance of the current or destination address for the loading and unloading of items; usually paired with difficult access.

Luton Van: Medium sized removals vehicle with approx. 600 cuft capacity.

M - O

Mileage: The delivery distance from the collection address to the destination address.

Move Manager (Move Co-ordinator): A member of the removal company that is responsible for managing and organising all aspects of the house move. This person will usually be the home mover’s contact within the company.

Operator's Licence: A compulsory licence for operating a vehicle with a total weight of over 3.5 tonnes. For more information see, ‘What is an Operator’s Licence?


Packer: The members of the removal company that undertake the packing, wrapping and loading of a home mover’s belongings at their current address. They are also responsible for the unloading, unwrapping and unpacking at the destination address.

Packing: The preparation of the home mover’s belongings into appropriate packaging and boxes to assist with the safety and security of the items during a house move.

PBO (Packed By Owner): When the items are packed by the home mover before the arrival of the removal company.

Parking Restrictions: Regulations enforced by a city or council to control the parking of vehicles.

Parking Suspension (Parking Exemption): The pausing of parking restrictions at the request of the removal company to allow parking for a house move.

Part Load: When goods from more than one house move share a vehicle.

Pre Move Survey: A removal company’s visit to the current address to assess the volume of belongings to be moved. They will then calculate the cost of the removal service and equipment/workforce needed for the house move.

Q - R

Quote Acceptance: The home mover’s agreement to the terms and price in the written quote; occurs when the Acceptance Form has been signed.

Reassembly: Putting back together an item of furniture that had been disassembled into separate parts. 


Shuttle: A smaller removals vehicle used when access is tight to transport the home mover’s belongings between the property and main removals vehicle.

Signing Off: When the home mover confirms that all belongings have been delivered and they are happy with the completed removal service.

SIT (Storage In Transit): The temporary holding of belongings before the items get delivered to the destination address in a storage facility.

Specialist Services: Extra services that require specialist skill or equipment during a house move. This could be a piano move or the moving of antiques.

Storage: When belongings are temporarily stored in a dedicated facility.

Storage Access: The capability of accessing the storage facilities in which your items are kept.


Tail lift: A mechanical lift on the back of a vehicle to aid with moving items.

Terms and Conditions: The rights and duties of each involved party as defined in a contract.

Third Party Contractor: An external company that offers additional services to the removal company.

Transit Van: Small sized removals vehicle with approx. 250 cuft capacity.

Transit High Top: Long wheel base van with approx. 350 cuft capacity.

U - V

Unpacking: The unloading and removal of items from their packaging and boxes following a house move.

Volume: A unit of measurement that quantifies the amount of 3-dimensional space occupied. 


Waiting Time: A length of time when the removal company suspends the continuation of the removal service. This could be due to a delay in the arrival of the keys to the destination address.

Waiver: The intentional relinquishment of a term in an agreement.


7.5 Ton Box Van: Vehicle with approx. 1000 cuft capacity (requires operator’s licence).

17.5 Ton HGV: Vehicle with approx. 2000 cuft capacity (requires HGV Licence).


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